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Challenger MT800E Series
Challenger MT800E Series

Krone BIG M500 V *UPDATED*

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Krone BIG M500 V *UPDATED*
Link to original mod: https://www.farming-simulator.com/mod.php?lang=en&country=nl&mod_id=92677&title=fs2017
Description: any requests please email me..( mrpassion78@outlook.com ) or via PM on the forum or on discord mrPassion78#4912

**** update 6/12/2018 V ****
copied everything over to the updated xml, added the tag : 'changes' to everything that has been changed. ( easy finding back whats done)
tested the xml.
set foldingParts leftSide/rightSide to 0.7 for just a bit slower unfolding

Here it is , the updated version with swap grass drop modes, Realcab, and backhitch with active Pto.
This was a very tough conversion , and built it up from scratch.
whats done:
added mr tag dragArea

added powerConsumer and neededPtoPower to get the pto to work when the machine is turned on.
added cuttingDependantPtoPower and finetuned to match the performance of the machine when working.
changed motorConfiguration < a whole new engine torque curve added >
added engine < added the new engine part of it >
added fuelUsageFactor < calculated that to somewhat " match" the IRL >
centerOfMass changed
wheels: 5 sets of extra wheels added and calculated PER wheels set, to match clearence in corners with the fenders. ( in IRL it has max 2 sets of wheel, but one person likes big robust wheels, and other more thin but higer, so choices for all.)
changed fuelCapacity back to 800
changed exhaustEffect < made it a bit darker when in full load working>
added add-blue and oilChange < added this so that the oilchange mod does not call out every 10H to change oil, but every 38H, and adblue tank is visible in the mod, so added that in to>
changed to front mowers: animation leftSide/rightSide node 13> changed from 40 and -40 to 68/-68 and the mower-outside-flap changed from 90/-90 to 164/-164 meaning:
The mowers are far more upright more like IRL, and the outside flap, folds op all the way to the mower-upper-deck. Like IRL. and changed the duration="8"for folding the front mowers to match the folding-sound.
changed the working speedLimit
gearbox added, and checked and fine tuned by Mr_Mazzony

I realy hope that you like this one as much as i do, cause it is complete and awesome.
i hope you like it, any thoughts or faults than please report. have fun with this one.
XML-Creator: passion78
Date: 12.06.2018 10:30
Hits: 1519
Downloads: 531
Rating: 4.28 (7 Vote(s))
File size: 51.4 KB

Author: Comment:

Join Date: 19.06.2018
Comments: 3
Courseplay low speed (i fix it for me)

Very good work, but there is a little problem: using courseplay (v. 5.02.00090) maxiumum speed i 4 km/h (speed limiter i set to 20 km/h). I change this line:
<powerConsumer ptoRpm="540" neededPtoPower="30" />
from ptoRpm="540" to 410 and speed using courseplay returns to 20 km/h.
19.06.2018 01:18 Offline echerost

Join Date: 11.12.2017
Comments: 56
RE: Courseplay low speed (i fix it for me)

Hi there echerost,
Thanx for the report, but i`m sorry, i went and tried it immediately, but is setup courseplay on fully grown and fertilized grass field, and it took of with 13KM/H mowing on its own..

so i cannot reproduce that situation you have..

And as Dural has explained, the 540rpm is the ONLY rpm that the game uses..you can add 1000 rpm, it will not mather, so kinda weird what you did..

As far is i tested, it all works as the xml is..

my courseplay version is: V5.03.00002 dev

here is the link to CP: https://github.com/Courseplay/courseplay

i hope that this has helped.
greetings Passion78
19.06.2018 11:52 Offline passion78 mrpassion78 at outlook.com

Join Date: 19.06.2018
Comments: 3
RE: Courseplay low speed (i fix it for me)

Hello passion78, I tried the mod on the default map sosknova, field 18, with only these mods: more realistic, big m500 and courseplay. Normal difficulty, fertilization from only one state, no plowing. The speed remains at 4 km / h. But if I change the ptoRpm and set it to a lower value, the speed returns to 19-20km / h. I do not know the reason for this problem, however, at least in my case, it is very easy to solve. However, I would like to underline the excellent and useful work you have done. I had tried the m500 version 1.2 with the more realistic written for version but the game was jerky, not anymore.
19.06.2018 13:46 Offline echerost

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